Going to The Chapel – Celebrants

Remember these tips when choosing your celebrant and you are sure to have a wedding ceremony that will be personal, and memorable for you and your guests.


Your celebrant must be authorised in order to legally perform your wedding:
•  Ministers of religion who perform ceremonies within recognised denominations
•  Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants who perform civil ceremonies
•  State officials who perform civil ceremonies (no, that does not mean sea captains!)


If you’re planning to get legally hitched, you must:
•  Be aged 18 years or over, or court-approved if one party is between 16 to 18 years
•  Not be closely related – a brother, sister, parent, grandparent, child or grandchild
•  Not be married to another person
•  Lodge a written Notice of Intended Marriage form with your celebrant at least
one month before your wedding day
•  Freely consent to become married, using specific words during the ceremony
•  Sign records of marriage on the day, which the celebrant will lodge with the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages in your state or territory within 14 days.


Ceremonies are often the part of the wedding that couples don’t really know how to make their own. There is so much personality of the couple in every other part of a wedding, from their invitations to the quirky sentimental pieces that make the wedding uniquely theirs. Yet, the wording and the structure of the ceremony is almost the last thing that is thought of. There are only 3 or 4 sentences that legally have to be said to make sure you are officially married, so everything else is able to be customised to the couple. A good celebrant should be able to work with you to have your ceremony reflect your style and theme for your relationship as well as the overall feel and vibe for your wedding and really let you make the ceremony your own.

The Ceremony is the start of your wedding day journey. Pick someone that is going to fit with your personalities. The ceremony can be one of the most emotional parts of your wedding and you need someone you feel comfortable to laugh and cry with. Someone that understands you, your sense of humour, your ideas and how you want to your ceremony to be received by your guests. A really good fit between celebrant and couple is important and the relationship you have with them can be over a long period of time. Sometimes correspondence and catch ups can span over a year! They will get to know the intimate parts of your relationship story and sometimes the harder times you want to acknowledge in your ceremony, such as losing a loved one. You should feel natural and comfortable to discuss things openly and honestly and your relationship with your celebrant should not be awkward or forced.

Get in early. A good celebrant will book out quickly sometimes up to a year or more in advance. Generally they can only be in one part of the city at one time and multiple weddings on one day can be hard work for everyone. The only other option is to be willing to be flexible on your time or date. The most popular wedding date and time is between 2-4pm on a Saturday. Early morning weddings or twilight weddings are a fabulous idea and will allow you to get the celebrant you want to work around other weddings. Friday or Sunday weddings are also a great option and often work better for other vendors too!

Once you find your celebrant, make sure that you have a contract or something in writing with them. This not only ensures you are getting what you are expecting, in relation to date, time, location and fees, but should also outline some terms and conditions for all involved. You should sign a contract with them, that way everyone is clear about what is expected of each other. This should include standard fee, travel costs and any other costs clearly explained for you to be aware of the total cost for the Celebrant’s services. They should prepare this for you, and if they don’t perhaps suggest that you would like something in writing just for your own piece of mind.

Ask them what they are going to wear to the ceremony! There is nothing worse than celebrant outfits that clash with colour schemes or bright colours, floral or prints (when not requested) that take the focus away from the couple. A celebrant should not be memorable for the wrong reasons. I like to suggest that they either fit with the colour scheme or blend with the groom’s colours to make the overall tone of your photos much softer.

Why not begin your search by contacting the celebrants listed on the First Comes Love Directory!?

Confetti Days

Donna adores hearing real love stories – people say the nicest things! Then she gets to borrow those tales to create a ceremony that is personal and authentic, hopeful and reflective of the way that they feel about each other. In return, she promises to bring a sense of calm and joy to every celebration. So tell her your stories and we’ll take it from there!

Elle Saunders Marriage Celebrant

We each have a story of how we met, the bond that formed, those special moments shared that led to putting a ring on it and commit to this thing called marriage. Let’s make your marriage more awesome than your wedding, the day you take each other’s hand and jump on a rollercoaster ride full of fun and adventure where you continue to annoy this person for the rest of your life because no matter what, you can’t see yourself without that person by your side. This is Elle’s idea of marriage, what’s yours?

Kiss Me You Fool

Dilhari is a modern, fun and totally enthusiastic civil celebrant. Her aim is to make sure that your ceremony rocks just as much as the rest of your wedding day. Dilhari insists on ensuring that your ceremony is personalised, makes you laugh and hits you and your guests right in the feels. For her, it’s all about throwing away the “rule book” and telling YOUR story in the way that is most true to YOU!

Love Bird Ceremonies

Delwyn from Love Bird Ceremonies is a passionate and professional celebrant. Her aim is to create a ceremony, together with you, that gives you goosebumps. She feels your ceremony should reflect exactly who you are as a couple. “Delwyn really understood us and what we wanted, leaving us feeling relaxed and excited for our big day.” Nicole & Tim

Shannon Britten | Civil Celebrant

Shannon is not your average celebrant, she has no rules when it comes to a wedding ceremony. Each wedding she has been involved in has been different and unique to all the others. ​ ​It is your day and it should be done your way, and Shannon will do everything she can to help you facilitate that.

Image 1 & 2 by Folklore Weddings

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What a Wonderful City Affair

Oh lawdy! That was fun. We would love to say a hearty thank you to everyone who came out to play at First Comes Love this year. Our shiny new (but actually quite old) venue Perth Town Hall in the City, did not disappoint –her style is described as a combination of “Victorian Free Gothic Style, with strong medieval overtones” and was the perfect spot to showcase such amazing exhibitors of Westralian weddingness. And they sure did bring the awesome. There was an awful lot of gasping in awe and excited clapping of hands as we watched the show come together. Yes, you can research online, but we think nothing beats meeting folks in person and seeing their work up close!

Not only was it a day chock-full of incredible exhibitions by clever creative companies, but there was an abundance of coffee, paella and complimentary nibbles to fill bellies to the brim, whilst pages in the Field Guides to Westralian Wedding Wonderfulness were poured over on the hunt for the perfect pledge or party persons.

Some special shout-outs go to the Kara from Rose and Bud who volunteered to fill our fair entrance beautiful blooms and Wade and Ash from Axon (Synapse Event Lighting) who helped get power and lights out to the most complex of places! Thanks must also go to Colleen and Richard from Perth Town Hall for their help in the run up to the fair and on the day!

Here’s a snapshot of the shindig by Rachel from Rachel Puan Photography. We think the images are beautiful and can’t thank Rachel enough for taking the time to document the day.

We also want to heap fuss and attention on Team FCL  who all deserve gold stars and foot massages. We thank our welcome team who graced the front door and helped people find their way around the building – Jacqui and Angel. Our model helpers and runners and carriers of the trains of gorgeous gowns – Natasha and Keana. And our lifter of heavy things (plus lots of other behind the scenes help!)– Aaron.

We thank White Magazine for their continued support of the First Comes Love fairs. Thank you.

If something tickled your fancy, and you’re not sure who the responsible party is, do please leave a comment and we’ll let you know tout de suite who to get in touch with.

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Giveaways Galore

There will be a whole host of winning to be had at the First Comes Love Fair on April 15th. We recommend that you seek out the giveaways and competitions and discounts that many of the generous souls exhibiting will be making available to you (psssst! we’re giving you a little hint below!). You might win. We hope you do. Good luck!

Caviar Catering & Events

Offer: Free Salted Caramel Doughnuts dessert on your wedding day!
Conditions: New 2018 / 2019 enquiries only. Minimum spend and conditions apply. Contact us for details.
Valid to: 1st July 2018
Email: events@caviarcatering.com.au
Phone: 08 9367 7691

Website: www.caviarcatering.com.au

Fields & Skies

Meet with Ali within four weeks of the Fair and you’ll receive a complimentary fine art 6×6 inch 20 page mini album with your booking. Just mention “First Comes Love 2018″. Conditions: applies to Jump packages only and valid until 18 May 2018.”

Lamont’s Bishops House

Two seats for one of our Wednesday Wine Degustations held in May June and July. Valued at $125pp and with 7 different events to choose from showcasing some of WA’s most famous wineries. See Matthew at the Lamont’s stall at the Fair more information and details on how to enter.

Melissas Photography

Melissa is offering a free 1m canvas and 1 hours coverage with any booking for 2019 and 2020 weddings.

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Accessories Advice from Holly Barker Millinery

Holly of Holly Barker Millinery works with brides to create beautiful, one of a kind, couture bridal headpieces. Whether it is a birdcage veil, an intricate lace headpiece or a striking statement that guests will talk about for years, the right piece can be the perfect finishing touch for a bride on her wedding day.

Choosing a headpiece can be a tricky thing, here Holly shares her tips for choosing the right headpiece for you.

Ensure your headpiece complements your gown.  The most important thing is to make sure that details, such as beading or lace should be the same or similar in order to tie your outfit together. If you want your headpiece to be the same colour as your gown, take a swatch with you, so it can be colour matched.

Don’t be afraid of colour. Colour can be your friend – depending on your dress and accessories. Add a pop of colour in your headpiece with red handmade blooms, dusky pink crystal beading, or lush black velvet ribbon. If you love a particular colour, why not include it!

Choose a style that you are comfortable wearing. The fundamental rule when planning the details of your wedding applies here – stay true to you. Your headpiece should be something you feel reflects “you” and that you feel comfortable wearing for the whole day.

Trends don’t work for everyone. Just because something is on trend, doesn’t mean it looks good on everybody. It is better to choose something that suits you, than something just because it is popular right now. Trends change and wedding photos last forever!

Don’t be afraid to choose a statement headpiece instead of a veil.  Not every bride wants to wear a veil and that is ok! A headpiece can be a beautiful addition to your bridal look or the perfect alternative if you choose not to wear one. Many brides that wear a veil choose to take it off after the ceremony, so it is lovely to have a statement headpiece that can be worn for the remainder of the day.

Work with your hair. Consider your hair and the hairstyle you will be wearing on the day – your headpiece will need to work in with this.  Ensure your headpiece is easy to put on, doesn’t dig in to your head, isn’t too heavy and that you are comfortable wearing it all day.

Think long term. Choose a headpiece that is well made and will last longer than just your wedding day. Holly’s headpieces become heirloom pieces, that can be passed on to loved ones to treasure for years to come.

*    In terms of trends, ornate details and statement pieces are popular. Opulent, romantic styling is in, and soft ethereal veils with intricate lace detail are trending at the moment, which Holly loves.

One last piece of advice – throw out the rules and have fun!

There are really no rules when it comes to weddings. It is your day, so choose something you love and wear it with confidence.

Images 1 – 3 are of real bride Annaliese – the images are by Amanda Alessi . Holly custom made Annaliese’s  Swarovski crystal headpiece to match the detail in her silk gown.

The headpieces, earrings, bracelets and necklaces were all made by Holly Barker Millinery.

Images by – Fotografia Coppola

Dresses by –  Beata Ridley  from Chein Noir Dezines

Images 4 – 7 – Hair and Makeup by Jennifer Ellis

Images 8 & 9 – Hair and makeup by Bronwyn Gillespie

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Wedding Catering Ideas & Inspo

For any couple hopelessly in love, tying the knot to solidify their unison with that perfectly romantic wedding only seems natural. But whilst you can’t put a price on love what about the wedding? As uncomfortable as it may be, the soaring prices of weddings and in particular wedding catering prices can leave many with a bad taste in the mouth.

In fact, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission estimates the average cost of a wedding in Australia is $36,200 with a greater chunk of this being spent on wedding catering including food and alcohol. And this is only on paper! Just as every couple is different, so is every wedding and associated wedding catering costs that more often than not, are actually much higher!

So how can you ensure your wedding catering costs are not leaving you facing a dead end of debt?

Happy tummy, happy wedding, happy ever after!

Witnessing a shift from cookie-cutter weddings, the emergence of social media and hip food and beverage trends have fuelled greater temptations for more and more couples to create their own wedding catering styles reflecting their personalities. Whilst this is good, unfortunately, it often means more expensive catering choices for food and alcohol than the good old classics.

So, it pays to think of what you really need vs. what would be nice to want!

Time is of the essence

As basic as it sounds, your wedding catering prices vary dramatically depending on the time of the ceremony and after party, as this will determine to a large extent, the type of catering needs. For instance, a breakfast wedding buffet where people normally don’t have appetisers would cost significantly less than a formal black tie wedding reception.

Likewise, an outdoor BBQ lunch wedding catering, street food stalls or afternoon-tea parties with Beer and Wine can be just as impactful as an evening cocktail wedding and will be much more cost-effective than expensive bubbles and accompanying Hors d’oeuvres.

Overall, a day wedding can be lighter for the wallet than an evening cocktail when it comes to wedding catering especially from an alcohol perspective as people may tend to drink less during the day.

Likewise, a peak season wedding would mean peak season wedding catering prices so consider your choices and try to opt for a time that of course works for you and your budget e.g.: weekdays, or just before the start of or end of summer or public holidays or even school holidays.

Consider part catering

Where budgets play a big role in ascertaining wedding catering prices, consider the option of part catering. Talk to your preferred caterer to see if the total costs can be modified if you choose to supply your own homemade desserts with the catered mains, or supply your own alcohol taking advantage of the excellent supermarket offers and opt for a food only catering package or even supply your own wait staff and servers where possible to eliminate this aspect of the cost.

Opt out the options- Choose Wisely

To keep your purse strings as tight as possible and not have this impact your food and beverage choices; limit your options. Consider only 1 or two appetisers rather than a selection. Same goes for the main. Try eliminating Soups where possible for example on a hot summer’s day, opt for just salads whereas in winters, go for soups and bread rather than salads. Likewise, use the wedding cake with ice cream as a dessert as opposed to having a premium selection of sweet nothings.

Where possible, limit your beverage choices too; Beer, Wine and Bubbles along with a few non-alcoholic options would save you a good few hundred dollars as opposed to cocktail concoctions.

From Paddock to plate

Ask your caterer to source fresh and seasonal produce as opposed to indulging in exotic, off season ingredients and items. Fresh and seasonal produce grown locally is not only going to be cost effective and healthier, they may require less transportation from the source as well as less storage and refrigeration, thus being more economical and as well as sustainable.

At the end of the day, your wedding should be a sweet memory for all and for all the right reasons, so be as creative, imaginative, playful and wise as possible with your catering choices and presentation. Whilst catering is a vital part of any wedding, it’s the atmosphere and vibe that you create and present that will make the food taste even better!

Are you planning your BIG DAY? Do you want to know more about wedding catering costs/prices? Get in touch with the Caterers on the Directory…..

Caviar Catering & Events

Caviar Catering & Events are a dedicated team of professionals specialising in weddings and other celebrations. They believe that personalisation is key and will happily work with you to create a truly memorable menu that perfectly suits your budget, tastes and theme.
With strong connections to local, quality suppliers, they source only the freshest and highest quality produce. They can provide a full food and beverage service with their wonderful wait staff and take care of all the finer details so you can relax and enjoy your special event. They do your day, your way.


Lamont’s has decades of experience across the state creating individual and personalized events. a premium catering experience in iconic locations.

The Perth Catering Co.

The Perth Catering Co. provides innovative gourmet catering for all events including weddings. They are culinary experts that live and breathe food. They don’t compromise on any aspect of their service. They always use the freshest local seasonal ingredients and bring you a diverse and delicious range of menus and cuisine. At The Perth Catering Co., their clients are their priority. They go above and beyond to make your next event one to remember. Their passion is to bring your vision to life, creating mouth-watering food that delights the senses.

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Blooming Lovely – Floral Inspo and Ideas

In days of yore, the betrothed carried garlic bulbs and strong-smelling herbs to keep evil spirits at bay. Disguising the whiff of a wife-to-be who bathed just once or twice a year may have been an added bonus. Then the Victorians (who never could resist a double entrendre) established ‘the secret language of flowers’ in the 1800s and suddenly a bride carrying dill amongst her blooms was telling all and sundry she was feeling ‘lustful’. Puts a whole new spin on potato salad, don’t you think? No matter what you want your blooms to say about you, we thought you might appreciate a little help speaking ‘florist’…

The Bouquet

Bouquets come in different styles and shapes and sizes. What will best suit your gown, your veil, your hair and makeup, your desire to carry it about all day? Oh wait – that’s what bridesmaids are for, isn’t it?!

  1. Cascading bouquet

With an abundance of trailing blooms and greenery, it is not surprising this statement style of bouquet seems most popular during times of financial hardship (the 1930s and 40s, the GFC). Flowers to foretell a prosperous new life together?

2. Presentation bouquet

A little more tizzied-up and neatly-trimmed. Think full formal posy shapes and wrapped stems.

3. Hand-tied bouquet (also posy, nosegay)

Sweet, soft and unstructured – flowers and foliage are simply gathered into a posy and tied with ribbon or twine. Perfect for pretty picnic weddings and relaxed affairs.

4. Pageant bouquet (also arm sheath)

Be your own Miss Thing with a bouquet of longstemmed flowers cradled in the crook of the arm.

The Single Stem

We say, “When you marry the one, carry just one.” Well, we don’t actually. But we really do dig the look of a single air plant, dahlia, hydrangea, king protea, magnolia, peony, sunflower or waratah.

Flower Crown

Why carry a bouquet at all when you can embrace your inner Greek goddess, bohobride style, with a crown of blooms?

The Lei

Originating in the Pacific Islands, the lei is a flexible floral wreath worn on the body. It makes a beautiful bouquet alternative for the barefoot bride (or canine ring bearer, or the horse that draws the carriage, of course). Aloha!

Flowers for Flower girls & Pageboys

Lots of lovely options for the little people in your life: Floral ring Flora or foliage wired to a ring (or heart or horseshoe). Pomander A ball-shaped bouquet, sat lollipop-style on a wrapped wand or suspended from a ribbon loop. Handled vessels of blooms Children carry well! And it needn’t be a flowerbasket. Plump for a birdcage, lantern, macramé holder, Mason jar, teapot, tin bucket or wooden tool-caddy.

Buttonhole & Corsage

A boutonnière is hard to spell, but easy to wear. Traditionally displayed on the mister’s left lapel, a small spray of flowers or foliage never goes amiss. Why not add a special trinket – a badge of honour? The key to her heart? And no matter how you feel about your mother-in-law-to-be, there is no excuse for an old-fashioned floppy corsage when you could opt for a whimsical wrist option.

For all your floral needs, head over to the directory to check out our super talented florists……

Addison & Bloom

At Addison & Bloom, their passion is to provide unique and beautifully styled blooms that resemble your personality. With a keen eye for colour and design, they put significant detail into providing blooms that will make an unforgettable impact. They offer a complete floral styling package anywhere in Perth and the South West.

Emily Lauren Flowers

Emily Lauren Flowers is full of heart, soul and creativity; it’s working with and meeting the loveliest people! It’s also creating gorgeous visions and incredible days. It’s what Emily loves to do and does a lot of!

Emily has been incredibly lucky to have worked with amazing couples, clients and creatives. Emily says ‘it has been an enormous privilege to have them put their trust in our creative style!’ For more information on Emily’s weddings and events visit her website and say hello!

Image by Amelia Claire Photography

Folk Gathering

Stationery, Florals and Design. Folk Gathering is a contemporary design studio creating scrumptious florals and bespoke stationery for your wedding or special event. Also home to WA’s original hand poured beer bottle candles, the ideal favours for your special event.

Sentiment Flowers

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life and your wedding flowers have a very important role to play. They should be beautiful, unforgettable and as utterly unique as you are. And that’s where Nardine from Scentiment Flowers comes in! Flowers are Nardine’s passion;  she is an absolute perfectionist and only the freshest, most beautiful flowers will do for your wedding. Nardine takes pride in her ability to interpret your vision and turn your floral dreams into a reality. Scentiment Flowers – beautiful, bespoke wedding and event flowers throughout the South West.

Twillery Floral Studio

Welcome to Twillery where beautifully unique and sentiment filled flowers are designed and delivered with dedication and a passion for perfection on your big day. As nationally qualified & experienced wedding florist, Karen delights in crafting bespoke floral designs, customisable floral packages as well as providing an array of beautiful decor hire items, ensuring your wedding is the day you have always dreamed of. Head to the website to ‘Say Hi’  to Karen and chat all things floral and fabulous!

Illustrations by Mitchell & Dent

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Then Comes Marriage: Rachel & Andy

Rachel and Andy are High School sweethearts. Rachel said “At school, I introduced myself to Andy and gave him a hug, which I think surprised him a little. We became very good friends and it was pretty obvious that Andy liked me. I only saw him as a friend, however. It was in Year 11 that I quite unexpectedly decided that I loved Andy. He was still crazy about me too. Andy asked me to be his girlfriend and we have not looked back. Our lives perfectly compliment one another. I adore Andy and feel privileged that he loved me all along”.

Inspired by the atmosphere of Christmas time, Rachel and Andy set out to create a day that was all about hanging with their friends and family in a super relaxed manner. That being said, that two steered clear of tradition and formal proceedings.

“We chose to have a picnic to help facilitate this atmosphere (who doesn’t love a picnic?!). I found my style changed during the engagement, going from a rustic perspective, to a love for all things bohemian. However, most things had been locked in with the original theme in mind,” explains Rachel, who recruited Covet Collect to help her pull of her and Andy’s awesome day.

During the ceremony, Rachel & Andy washed each others feet. Rachel explained the significance of this to us, “This is something we chose to do, as it is something Jesus explains we should do for one another. It doesn’t have to be literal; it’s more about laying your life down for others, being sacrificial and loving others above yourself. This is exactly how Andy and I want our marriage to look”.

Captured by Folklore Weddings, there’s no doubt that Rachel and Andy’s day was one for the history books…two gorgeous outfits (from Made with Love Bridal and Keepsake the Label), great eats via Complete Cuisine Carvery, heaps of DIY and one couple, head over heels in love.

Photos Folklore Weddings | Ceremony gown Made with Love Bridal | Reception gown Keepsake the Label | Robes / getting ready tees Kmart and Cotton On Body | Shoes Mollini | Accessories Sportsgirl and kristinaCo via Etsy | Hair Bridgette Rose Artistry | Wedding rings Stonesandgold via Etsy and and Michael Hill | Bridesmaid dresses Frankii, Missguided, Live Clothing, Esther and Free People | Bridesmaid shoes Lipstick via The Iconic | Jacket and suspenders Roger David | Shirt and socks Target | Pants General Pants Co | Tie / Bow tie Zobelle Designs | Shoes Myer | Barber / grooming Davilia | Event planner and stylist and florist Covet Collect | Printer Vistaprint | Ceremony and reception Alverstoke Barn, WA | Catering Complete Cuisine Carvery | Other desserts Bunbury Market | Cinematography Ben and Ebony.

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Perth Wedding Venues

Almost as soon as an engagement is announced, the happy couple are bombarded with questions about when and where the wedding will take place. But these questions are not always as easy to answer as a couple would like them to be. Gone are the days where a couple would select the one wedding venue in their hometown and then check that task off the wedding planning list. Since the number of wedding venue options are infinite now, couples need to think about a wide variety of questions before the go ahead and select their space.

We asked four venues around town to introduce themselves – so take a look at Lamonts, The Guildford Hotel, The Boulevard Hotel and MosArts.


The History
Bishops House was built in 1856 for the first Anglican Bishop of Western Australia. It remained a residential building for almost its entirety, Lord McAlpine called it home for almost two decades and helped restore it to its original glory. Steeped in old world charm, this heritage listed building truly is unique providing a sanctuary in the city, one of the few original houses still standing in the CBD with its own manicured gardens and rolling green lawns.

Lamont’s was fortunate to move into Bishops House almost a decade ago, after relocating from our East Perth and King Street locations. With close to four decades of wining and dining the people of Perth, they have developed an amazing reputation and a truly loyal and dedicated following at all five locations.

The Packages
There are multiple package options listed on our website, but our focus is to help tailor a package that suits the client’s specific needs. We recommend choosing a package then considering how it can be modified or personalised to suit your particular requirements. One couple were from two neighbouring country towns, farming families. Their request was to make sure all produce, wines and beers were from WA, a personal nod to their farming roots. Another couple requested a special cocktail because it evoked sweet memories of their past.

The Special Bits
Our focus is attentive and personal service paired with excellent food and wines. It’s all about allowing the couple to help create something memorable and personal. We start off with a blank canvas, provide the basics, and give them a chance to include all the different elements that will help make their special day something to remember

The Cute Stuff
I’ve been fortunate to work with the Lamont Family for almost two decades. It’s an amazing group of special people, and I am treated as one of their own. I’ve seen four generations of the Lamont’s walk through the doors and have worked side by side with them on lots of different adventures. We have such a devoted group of customers that they send their children to work within our ranks, I think that says a lot about our customers trust and respect, who we are and our level of integrity, we treat them as part of the family too!

Lamonts is found at various iconic locations across Perth
Website | Facebook | Instagram


The History
We are so very proud of our history here at The Guildford Hotel – and what an incredible history she is! First built and licenced in 1886, she has undergone many changes, from, extensions in 1915, renovations in 1980, to unfortunate the fire in 2008 which forced the hotel to close. However in May 2016, The Guildford Hotel, reopened to the public. Inside this pristine local is where you will explore two stories of original exposed brick, repurposed timber and brass finishes, not to mention the impressive collection of recovered décor throughout.

The Packages
With an expert events team and truly unique spaces to choose from, rest assured that your special occasion will be in good Guildford Hotel hands. After all, we do love a little party. Chef’s crowd-pleasing Eat with One Hand or Two menu is perfect for your stand-up cocktail style soiree. If you’re after a seated affair, your guests will love the Guildford Grand Feast menu – think three or four course shared royal feast sprawled artfully across your table!

The Special Bits
Located on level 1 of The Guildford Hotel, our esteemed Vaudeville Room boasts six beautiful arched windows along the western wall, flooding the function room with gorgeous natural light. The history of the hotel is shown in the ex-posed brick walls, with beautiful wooden floor boards. This exclusive private room is the perfect location for your next cocktail event, seated dinner feast, product launch, award ceremony, wedding, engagement or birthday celebration.

The Cute Stuff
It’s lovely when we witness the perfect couple in the perfect venue for them. One of our February weddings loved our signature Cheeseburger spring rolls so much they actually became part of their vows to each other! Cheeseburger spring rolls were ordered at each meeting we had together, on the wedding day and even their family lunch the following day.

The Guildford Hotel is found at 159 James Street, Guildford
Website | Facebook | Instagram


The History
The Floreat Hotel initially opened in 1966 just up the road from us. In later years the hotel moved site when the whole Floreat Forum was renovated and we still occupy this site today. In 2011 the venue was remastered and opened by Geoff Hayward as The Boulevard Hotel.

The Packages
We have stand up and sit down function spaces available throughout a number of different areas in the venue. The architectural design of the venue allows us an innovative and flexible approach to design the space to best suit the clients. We have also recently started offering exclusive venue for weddings so we can cater to those looking for something small and understated or larger and more detailed. We can create a customised menu to suit the couples as well having a delicious selection of canapes available to choose.

The Special Bits
Functions at The Boulevard Hotel are a relaxed and distinctive affair with an emphasis on warm and friendly service, stunning surroundings and tailored food and beverage offerings. We operate 7 days a week as your favourite neighbourhood spot and we are now giving customers the chance to enjoy all the things they regularly love on their big day. Our staff are all very passionate about food and wine and love sharing this with our customers. We have a wine list with over 100 wines and a constantly changing seasonal menu prepared by our Executive Chef Mathew Powell. Unlike many other function venues, you can visit for a casual beer with mates or use the whole venue for the wedding of your dreams.

The Boulevard Hotel is found on the corner of The Boulevard & Howtree Place, Floreat
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The History
Built in 1921, the location in Mosman Park was significant as it’s in the middle of the Swan River and the sea. Memorial Hall as it was initially named, in memory of fallen soldiers in WW1 and used for a variety of purposes from council chambers and offices, to one of the first outdoor cinemas in Australia, and of course dances in the era of Jazz. Truly the beating heart of Mosman Park.
It then got a make over in 1933 to the Art Deco Camelot theatre we know and love today which hosts a beautiful indoor Art Deco theatre, two studios/galleries and of course the Luna Camelot Outdoor Cinema picture garden complete with a terrace and café. Today it is busier than ever!

The Packages
While MosArts and Camelot are near full to the brim with activity in 2017, we are still open to applications from arts companies for residency (dance, theatre, music, circus and fine arts) and private functions that we can slot in between shows, classes and exhibitions.

The Special Bits
It’s all in the details! The Art Deco style, both inside and outside of the building as well as its genuine palpable history make being there very special. Big spaces, with Jarrah floorboards and high ceilings also allow it to be the perfect canvas for your special day. And of course our varied range of resident companies and arts practitioners – yoga to swing dance, pilates to painters – we cater to all interests and ages!

The Cute Stuff
We just had a booking enquiry for a wedding from a couple who met on site playing baseball as children! Thirty something years later, although they live in Darwin they want to have their wedding at the place it all began, in the building that holds many memories for many generations of their families.

MosArts is found at 16 Lochee Street, Mosman Park

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Rock your frock: The Block body shape

Flattering will get you everywhere (see what we did there?!). Flattering the natural shapely shape of your body, that is. By finding the party frock that best fits your figure, you’ll feel in fine form and confident being the centre of attention.

Dress your body in ways to highlight the features you’re damn chuffed with, without getting hung up on what’s disappointing you – we don’t believe you anyway! Every last bit of our bags of bones are beautiful. So complex and extraordinary and in all ways amazing. Ready to be filled up with wine and song and dinner and dancing and smiling and loving. Fretting about baggy or bony bits is a waste of perfectly good frolicking time.

Grab yourself a tape measure, take a good look in the mirror, and give some thought to what shape you are. Then the fun part – finding the frock to rock it!

This is the sixth and final blog in our series of  posts featuring custom-designed and ready-to-wear gowns from our fave First Comes Love peeps. They’re all available here in WA – how great is that?

And if you missed the first four posts in the series, why not go peek at The AppleThe Arrow, The HourglassThe Pear and The Pencil body-rocking frocks too?

1. Holly by Cathleen Jia, available at Through the White Door
2. Lilian by Sabina Motasem, available at Through the White Door
3. Bella by Sally Eagle, available at Through the White Door
4. Charlotte by Sally Eagle, available at Through the White Door
5. Amy by Madison James, available at Collezione Bridal
6. Tiplana by Annais Bridal, available at Calla Lily Collection
7. to 10. Custom designs by Elvi Design
11. Custom design by Loui Col Designs
Illustrations: Angela Mitchell from Mitchell & Dent

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Grooms with Blooms

Sit quietly for a few minutes and picture the wedding of your favourite person — maybe it was your best friend, your sibling, a cousin, or your own wedding…

Think about the happiness that you all experienced that day. Think about the words that the couple spoke to each other as they exchanged vows. Think about the love, the laughter, the joy. Think about the profound effect that day had on their lives and yours.

To celebrate #loveislove Shoshana Kruger asked her beautiful friends Christian & Kevin if they would like to be involved in a styled shoot showcasing some of her favourite Perth vendors and creating an intimate and unique winter wedding.

Shosh tells us, “This photoshoot has been something I had wanted to create for a very long time. I photograph weddings most weekends, and every couple I have had the pleasure of photographing has been amazing. It is a real honour to witness this official part of their growing relationship. However, some of the most incredible couples out there are unable to take this step in their relationship due to Australian law. Here we have two beautiful people who just want to express their love for one another in an official way and are denied that basic human right. Hopefully this will change sooner rather than later, but until then I will endeavour to photograph anyone in love, regardless of gender”.

Her talented team included, Lee from Floral State who created a cascading ceremony installation with a winding aisle for the boys to walk down to share their vows, while holding the most incredible bouquets using unusual florals and foliage. Sarah from Lyndley Mill designed the long table dinner table using matte dinnerware from Winterwares and stationary designed by Emily of Grey Rabbit Design; along with plenty of fig scented black candles and brass details, finished off with textural winter fruits and vegetables. The venue, Guildhall, could not have been more perfect with their teal wall being the backdrop to their dinner setting (catered by Propeller North Fremantle) and ambient rooms that made their portraits super cosy with amazing light throughout the day. Shosh says, “Christian and Kevin are celebrating 15 years together in November this year, so it was amazing to witness them sharing some words about their relationship to each other in a public yet intimate location”.

We thank Shosh and her talented team for sharing this beautiful styled shoot with us. Love is love and we hope that Christian and Kevin are able to express their love for each other in an official way very soon!

Images by Shoshana Kruger Photography | Blooms by Floral State | Styling by Lyndley Mill | Crockery by Winterwares | Stationery by Grey Rabbit Design | Catering by Propeller North Fremantle | Venue: Guildhall Event Space |

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  1. absolutely stunning images, love that intimate table setting and it’s inclusions!

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