Mery Susianty- First Comes Love


Clare Johansen-First Comes Love

First Comes Love (and then marriage) is a boutique fair for people planning pledges and parties – chock full of sweetness and sass, inspiration and independent retailers. We celebrate creativity and pooh-pooh carbon-copy weddings, catering for those who prefer to walk the aisle less travelled.

Mery Susianty is the director and owner of First Comes Love- an independent and privately-run event. She has a love for warm and sunny Perth, with a passion and desire for people and their happiness.

In collaboration with Clare Johansen, First Comes Love intends on bringing you an experience that will showcase some of the finest quality of professional exhibitors around Western Australia. First Comes Love is not conventional wedding fair, we will have you engaging and networking with talented folk in intimate locations.

What to expect at First Comes Love Fair:

  • Meet and great professional, unique, sassy and independent exhibitors
  • Attention to detail to avoid standard wedding fair with quirky touched, chic, elegant and retro feel.
  • A sweet and sassy fair for folks planning pledges and parties.