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In days of yore, the betrothed carried garlic bulbs and strong-smelling herbs to keep evil spirits at bay. Disguising the whiff of a wife-to-be who bathed just once or twice a year may have been an added bonus. Then the Victorians (who never could resist a double entrendre) established ‘the secret language of flowers’ in the 1800s and suddenly a bride carrying dill amongst her blooms was telling all and sundry she was feeling ‘lustful’. Puts a whole new spin on potato salad, don’t you think? No matter what you want your blooms to say about you, we thought you might appreciate a little help speaking ‘florist’…

The Bouquet

Bouquets come in different styles and shapes and sizes. What will best suit your gown, your veil, your hair and makeup, your desire to carry it about all day? Oh wait – that’s what bridesmaids are for, isn’t it?!

  1. Cascading bouquet

With an abundance of trailing blooms and greenery, it is not surprising this statement style of bouquet seems most popular during times of financial hardship (the 1930s and 40s, the GFC). Flowers to foretell a prosperous new life together?

2. Presentation bouquet

A little more tizzied-up and neatly-trimmed. Think full formal posy shapes and wrapped stems.

3. Hand-tied bouquet (also posy, nosegay)

Sweet, soft and unstructured – flowers and foliage are simply gathered into a posy and tied with ribbon or twine. Perfect for pretty picnic weddings and relaxed affairs.

4. Pageant bouquet (also arm sheath)

Be your own Miss Thing with a bouquet of longstemmed flowers cradled in the crook of the arm.

The Single Stem

We say, “When you marry the one, carry just one.” Well, we don’t actually. But we really do dig the look of a single air plant, dahlia, hydrangea, king protea, magnolia, peony, sunflower or waratah.

Flower Crown

Why carry a bouquet at all when you can embrace your inner Greek goddess, bohobride style, with a crown of blooms?

The Lei

Originating in the Pacific Islands, the lei is a flexible floral wreath worn on the body. It makes a beautiful bouquet alternative for the barefoot bride (or canine ring bearer, or the horse that draws the carriage, of course). Aloha!

Flowers for Flower girls & Pageboys

Lots of lovely options for the little people in your life: Floral ring Flora or foliage wired to a ring (or heart or horseshoe). Pomander A ball-shaped bouquet, sat lollipop-style on a wrapped wand or suspended from a ribbon loop. Handled vessels of blooms Children carry well! And it needn’t be a flowerbasket. Plump for a birdcage, lantern, macramé holder, Mason jar, teapot, tin bucket or wooden tool-caddy.

Buttonhole & Corsage

A boutonnière is hard to spell, but easy to wear. Traditionally displayed on the mister’s left lapel, a small spray of flowers or foliage never goes amiss. Why not add a special trinket – a badge of honour? The key to her heart? And no matter how you feel about your mother-in-law-to-be, there is no excuse for an old-fashioned floppy corsage when you could opt for a whimsical wrist option.

For all your floral needs, head over to the directory to check out our super talented florists……

Addison & Bloom

At Addison & Bloom, their passion is to provide unique and beautifully styled blooms that resemble your personality. With a keen eye for colour and design, they put significant detail into providing blooms that will make an unforgettable impact. They offer a complete floral styling package anywhere in Perth and the South West.

Emily Lauren Flowers

Emily Lauren Flowers is full of heart, soul and creativity; it’s working with and meeting the loveliest people! It’s also creating gorgeous visions and incredible days. It’s what Emily loves to do and does a lot of!

Emily has been incredibly lucky to have worked with amazing couples, clients and creatives. Emily says ‘it has been an enormous privilege to have them put their trust in our creative style!’ For more information on Emily’s weddings and events visit her website and say hello!

Image by Amelia Claire Photography

Folk Gathering

Stationery, Florals and Design. Folk Gathering is a contemporary design studio creating scrumptious florals and bespoke stationery for your wedding or special event. Also home to WA’s original hand poured beer bottle candles, the ideal favours for your special event.

Sentiment Flowers

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life and your wedding flowers have a very important role to play. They should be beautiful, unforgettable and as utterly unique as you are. And that’s where Nardine from Scentiment Flowers comes in! Flowers are Nardine’s passion;  she is an absolute perfectionist and only the freshest, most beautiful flowers will do for your wedding. Nardine takes pride in her ability to interpret your vision and turn your floral dreams into a reality. Scentiment Flowers – beautiful, bespoke wedding and event flowers throughout the South West.

Twillery Floral Studio

Welcome to Twillery where beautifully unique and sentiment filled flowers are designed and delivered with dedication and a passion for perfection on your big day. As nationally qualified & experienced wedding florist, Karen delights in crafting bespoke floral designs, customisable floral packages as well as providing an array of beautiful decor hire items, ensuring your wedding is the day you have always dreamed of. Head to the website to ‘Say Hi’  to Karen and chat all things floral and fabulous!

Illustrations by Mitchell & Dent

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