Rock your frock: The Arrow body shape

Flattering will get you everywhere (see what we did there?!). Flattering the natural shapely shape of your body, that is. By finding the party frock that best fits your figure, you’ll feel in fine form and confident being the centre of attention.

Dress your body in ways to highlight the features you’re damn chuffed with, without getting hung up on what’s disappointing you – we don’t believe you anyway! Every last bit of our bags of bones are beautiful. So complex and extraordinary and in all ways amazing. Ready to be filled up with wine and song and dinner and dancing and smiling and loving. Fretting about baggy or bony bits is a waste of perfectly good frolicking time.

Grab yourself a tape measure, take a good look in the mirror, and give some thought to what shape you are. Then the fun part – finding the frock to rock it!

This is the fourth in our series of blog posts featuring custom-designed and ready-to-wear gowns from our fave First Comes Love peeps. They’re all available here in WA – how great is that?

And if you missed the first three posts in the series, why not go peek at The HourglassThe Pear and The Pencil body-rocking frocks too?

1. Agnes Fashion Group, available at Calla Lily Collection 
2. Rue De Seine, available at Through the White Door
3. to 5. Custom designs by Cleo Borrello
6. Diana by Cathleen Jia, available at Through the White Door
7. Kierra by Cathleen Jia, available at Through the White Door
8. Custom design by Loui Col Designs
9. Isadora by Sabina Motasem, available at Through the White Door 
Illustrations: Angela Mitchell from Mitchell & Dent

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