Then Comes Marriage: Tanya & Jay

Tanya and Jay met at a bar in Perth. She said “I was with a girlfriend for a girls’ night out. I wasn’t having the greatest night; I walked past Jay and he asked me “Do you want a hug?”. Normally this would be super creepy but he just had a sweet vibe about him. His band had played earlier that night and when he asked me if I’d seen any of the bands I replied “pfft never even heard of them! Did you?” and then he kindly told me that he had played! Oops!”. Little did she know that one day they would be wed.

Describing the proposal, Tanya said, “we had been together nearly 6 years and talked very loosely about marriage but I definitely wasn’t expecting it at all! It was 12.12.12 (he swears he didn’t even realise the date!), I was running late home from work because there was some freak December storm. When I walked in the house the first thing I noticed was how clean it was, he had tidied everything! There was some sweet soul music playing in the kitchen and a pillow pet holding a sign that said “meet Jay in the home theatre”. We had recently bought his niece a pillow pet and I had joked that they were so soft and cuddly that I wanted one myself! I walked to the home theatre and there he was kneeling down on one knee. The whole room was filled with tea candles, and there was a big heart of candles in the middle of the room with a table at the centre with a white tablecloth & a bottle of Moet on top! I don’t remember what he said, I just remember saying “jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay!” and then eventually “yes!”. Then we skyped my parents who were overseas and he was so nervous/excited he dropped the bottle of Moet on the floor so we ended up drinking flat Zibbibo instead!

Their rustic ceremony took place in the Sunken Gardens of UWA followed by a reception at Moore & Moore in Freo. “We both decided very early on that we didn’t want a traditional wedding. We wanted something fun, something personal, and something that meant something to us rather than just having the same wedding we’ve all been to before. I’m not the girl that ever pictured her wedding in her head or dreamt about it for years, but from the minute Jay proposed, I knew I wanted the ceremony to be in a pretty garden somewhere with lots of light and colours. The reception had a really nice vintage and cool feel, the food was 100% vegetarian and about 80% vegan which was very important to us. We both took our time planning everything because we wanted to enjoy the process and not get too stressed out over it. We had an incredible bridal party that just made our day so entertaining and our speeches during the reception were pretty impressive. My grandma had our guests in stitches, but my bridesmaid Lisa took it to another level by rapping her speech, it was so brilliant!”

Their day was filled with laughs, tears, heartfelt vows, gangsta moves. We thank these cool cats for sharing their trendy and very romantic day with us and their photographer Ali from Fields & Skies for capturing all the fun of the day!

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| Photography: Fields & Skies | Gown: Rachel Gilbert , hair by the bridesmaids and makeup by Donna Maria Makeup & Beauty | Bridesmaids: Forever New |Grooms/Groomsman Suit: Roger David |Celebrant: James McHale| Flowers: Poppy & Willow | Cake & Catering: Pearfect Pantry, Dolce & Salato, Raw Kitchen | Invitations: Chi Borrello | Styling: Tie the Knot | Venue: Sunken Gardens, UWA, Moore & Moore, Fremantle |Transport: Lavish Limousines|

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