Raw Beauty & Simple Elegance

Oh me, oh my……if only I was getting married again, just look at these stunning images by Bronnie Joel.

Bronnie says, “I’m completely in love with the elegant and simple pieces from Lola Varma. The fabrics are so fluid and luxurious to feel and wear and the way they fall and move are just so beautiful and feminine. I hoped to show this with these images. 

I decided to keep it simple. Beautiful Rosie with no makeup, hair or props just focusing on the garments, cool poses and minimal backgrounds.

I think this approach complements the pieces and really shows them individually and together. 

I was trying to take a more raw and natural approach to fashion and bridal photography. The pieces are not your conventional or traditional bridal wear, they are for a modern bride seeking a more uncomplicated and timeless elegance.”

Wowsers, pure elegance and raw beauty all rolled into one, Rosie in all her barefaced gorgeousness and those simply stunning gowns by Lola Varma. We thank Bronnie Joel for sharing these glorious images with us.

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| Photography: Bronnie Joel Photography | Dresses: Lola Varma |

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