Exhibitor Testimonial by Rebecca Const from Fox & Rabbit

We recently asked the gorgeous Rebecca Const from Fox & Rabbit to write a little piece about First Comes Love Fair, and how it helped her business when she was just starting out. What she has written has left us with such a warm fuzzy feeling and grinning from ear to ear. It is so wonderful to hear how First Comes Love helped changed the game for her business and create such long lasting friendships. If you are considering exhibiting at First Comes Love Fair (or just want to have a warm fuzzy feeling) then please read on…….

“Soon after launching my business in 2010, First Comes Love made it’s debut. The fair was bought to my attention by my wonderful and terribly talented friend Emma of Milla Makeup. I believe her email said something along the lines of “this fair looks lovely and would suit your business – you need to do this”. And boy was she right! I had never heard of anything like it before. A bridal fair that was boutique, selective, completely up my stylistic alley – and not a satin chair sash in sight.

I can say with confidence that First Comes Love changed the game for my business. In an online world chock-full of limitless wedding options, First Comes Love really thrust us centre stage in the Perth wedding scene. We matched up with so many lovely couples who ‘got me’ and who got the Fox and Rabbit style. Clients who were willing to trust our creative process and listen to our experienced advise.

Not only does the fair rub off on vendors like ourselves; but watching loved up duos drenched in relief, realising that the talented, out-of-the-box, creative services they had been desperately searching for were available to them in one place and IN PERTH is pretty special.

It wasn’t the kind of wedding fair or market stall experience we ever walked away from feeling disheartened, disappointed, upset or like our time, efforts and financial expenses were wasted.

One of the highlights that cannot go unmentioned as a result of pursuing First Comes Love is meeting other likeminded vendors. How refreshing! I’ve made life long friends within the wedding industry. People such as Jessica of The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist and Creator, Angela of Angela Higgins Photography, Leah and Angela of Studio Bomba, Jappalin of Flower Talk, Mae of Maevana, Kristy of Flights of Fancy by Kristy, Michael and Erin of Micktric Events… the list goes on! These incredibly humble, talented, creative and hardworking bunch – I met them ALL through FCL and have gone on to collaborate with, refer to and build honest friendships with each of them. Some I met as long as 6 years ago and still work with today. I will forever be grateful for this.

Due to the changes in our clientele – wedding fairs don’t have as strong of an impact for our company anymore, however FCL will also hold a special place in my heart as I believe it was one of the major catalyst events that bought about the rapid growth we experienced in our early years. This may not happen for everyone’s business – but it is our story – and I’m personally so thankful to First Comes Love and to the original founders – Leah and Angela – for fostering such a beautiful, unique community of wedding vendors in our small city. The more we glean together, learn from each other, and champion one another; the stronger our mark becomes in the wonderful world of weddings and parties – and the better off our business are for it.”

We thank Rebecca Const from Fox & Rabbit for her beautiful story and feel truly blessed to have been such a big part of her journey xx

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Photography by: Angela Higgins

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