Yay, you guys!

We would love to say a hearty thank you to everyone who came out to play at First Comes Love Fair on the weekend. Our venue The Oxford was glorious as always and their functions coordinator Henriette a dream to work with. Not to mention their super team of staff.

We think that the fair itself looked just incredible and we’re always blown away by how wonderful First Comes Love people are to work with. Amazing exhibitors, each and every one. So friendly AND frickin’ talented. We think of them like those gals and guys at school who were smart AND sporty AND good-looking AND played in the band AND were head prefect. We’d hate them all if they weren’t so darn awesome.

SO. The weather didn’t play fair on fair day as you know, so we salute you dedicated punters who came out in the pelting rain to come meet the amazing creative companies working in Perth’s pledge and party industries. You all deserve gold stars and wedded bliss and parties that people talk about for decades!

And as always, we thank our little team of FCL worker bees. We owe you foot rubs and pints of gin.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yay, you guys!
Angela & Leah xx

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