Exhibitor registration is now closed

The registration period for folks interested in coming to join the fun of the fair as an exhibitor is now CLOSED. And wow-ee, have we ever had a lot of clever creative pledge-and-party industry peeps put their hands up for First Comes Love 2018. Please bear with us while we curate this year’s show.

Due to the limited space available in our ace new venue and the careful curation of the fair, not all applications will be successful. Whilst we would love to invite gazillions of gorgeous Perth people to participate, it is just not possible.

First Comes Love is designed to be a personal and creative little fair – the boutique fair equivalent of your favourite high street, as opposed to a giant shopping mall. Our team makes decisions based on the overall aesthetic we wish to achieve for event each year, the number of exhibitors we wish to have in each category, and we also endeavour to shine a light on new folks in the industry or those who have been hiding their own light under a bushel to date.

Successful applicants will be notified shortly. Maintain radio contact…

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