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  • Wedding Catering Ideas & Inspo

    For any couple hopelessly in love, tying the knot to solidify their unison with that perfectly romantic wedding only seems natural. But whilst you can’t put a price on love what about the wedding? As uncomfortable as it may be, … Continue reading
  • Going to The Chapel – Celebrants

    Remember these tips when choosing your celebrant and you are sure to have a wedding ceremony that will be personal, and memorable for you and your guests. FINDING YOUR CELEBRANT Your celebrant must be authorised in order to legally perform … Continue reading
  • Blooming Lovely – Floral Inspo and Ideas

    In days of yore, the betrothed carried garlic bulbs and strong-smelling herbs to keep evil spirits at bay. Disguising the whiff of a wife-to-be who bathed just once or twice a year may have been an added bonus. Then the … Continue reading
  • Then Comes Marriage: Rachel & Andy

    Rachel and Andy are High School sweethearts. Rachel said “At school, I introduced myself to Andy and gave him a hug, which I think surprised him a little. We became very good friends and it was pretty obvious that Andy … Continue reading
  • Perth Wedding Venues

    Almost as soon as an engagement is announced, the happy couple are bombarded with questions about when and where the wedding will take place. But these questions are not always as easy to answer as a couple would like them to … Continue reading

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